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*DUE to the current crisis we will be substituting the Honduras coffee bean with the Brazil coffee bean. 


From the world’s fifth biggest producer by volume with its 6 different coffee growing regions comes coffee beans with great variety and complexity. We selected this coffee bean for you to have the best freddo and espresso you've ever had. 

Notes of Black cherry, dark chocolate and caramel.

DaVest, Light Espresso Freddo Roast Coffee 8, 12 or 16 oz

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  • Choose 8, 12 or 16oz, Ground or Whole Bean Freddo Roast. Perfect for Greek Freddo or any Espresso based coffee drinks.


    Greek Freddo Coffee is a specific espresso roast perfect for a blended, double iced espresso drink. With this specific espresso roast you can also make all your other favorite espresso coffee drinks.


    Specificlly, our Freddo makes an amazing Iced Freddo Cappuccino (foamed cream or sweetened condensed milk or a whole milk topper) and Iced Freddo Espresso (no dairy added).