* Also available in a Greek Coffee ground.


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An Espresso Freddo Roast is spreading throughout the world thanks to the millions of tourists visiting Greece.  Along with the amazing islands and the warm welcoming locals, tourists are falling in love with Greece's Freddo coffee. It's an espresso drink that's blended a certain way which helps you get the true richness of the coffee in a refreshing way. Here at Aletho we selected coffee beans that best fit a traditional Freddo Iced Coffee and roasted them to match a Greek summer. The beauty of it is that it also makes all types of Espresso drinks both hot and iced.


We combined 50% Costa Rica Tarrazu, 30% Brazil and 20% Colombian for our Greek summer Chill Blend. Perfect for a nice cold Freddo and is also availale in as a Greek coffee ground. All you have to do is provide your Greek vacation fantasies. 


Freddo, Chill Blend Medium Espresso Freddo Roast Coffee 12 oz

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  • 12 oz Freddo Roasted Ground or Whole Coffee. Perfect for Greek Freddo or any Espresso based coffee drinks. 

    50% Costa Rica Tarrazu, 30% Brazil and 20% Colombian


    Greek Freddo Coffee is a specific espresso roast perfect for a blended, double iced espresso drink. With this specific espresso roast you can also make all your other favorite espresso coffee drinks.


    Specificlly, our Freddo makes an amazing Iced Freddo Cappuccino (foamed cream or sweetened condensed milk or a whole milk topper) and Iced Freddo Espresso (no dairy added).